Nephrology is the study about the normal functioning of kidneys as well as treatment/diseases related to it. Kidneys are important for filtering out waste products and excess water from the body. They are vital for retaining the fluid intake, electrolytes that may be altered by numerous conditions or medicines.

Nephrologists are kidney doctors who specialise in treating renal or kidney related disorders. Broadly, the diseases that are treated by them includes autoimmune diseases, kidney cancers, bladder stones, polycystic ovaries, side effects of diabetes and blood pressure and several others. 

Dharan’s Department of Nephrology is one of its core and well equipped department, deals with all kinds of Kidney related issues, that listed below. This covers  Kidney transplant in near future, through advanced ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant procedure (transplant without a blood type match).

This department treats prostate cancer, cervix, and colon/rectum covering reconstructive surgery for urinary tract, female fistula, and urethra.Committed to provide services in the areas of Urology, Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, kidney transplantation. 

Dr. V. Ramkumar is young and experience hand in the field of Nephrology, who serve here as full-time consultant in Dharan Hospital, is supported by OT and Dialysis Team.

Dharan’s Nephrology department Facilities:

25 Beds Dialysis unit.

Exclusive care fo Isolated Positive Bed.

Dharan’s Nephrology department Services:

Kidney Biopsy.

Permanent / Temporary Catheterisation.

Dialysis Catheterisation.

For further details and for Dr.Appointment, please call Dharan Hospital @ 0427-2709999.