Dharan Hospital, Seelanaickenpatty Bypass, Salem - 636 201

(Reg No: 32/2017)

Dharan Educational Charitable Trust (DECT) established on 2017, initiated with the blessings of Shri. M. VENKATACHALAM   and  Smt.V. JAYAMMAL which is supported by the management team of Dharan Group, as DECT's Life Trustees. Dharan Educational Charitable Trust (DECT) is a one of the landmark initiative that has been engraved in DHARAN History, in remembrance of completing 10 Years in Health Care service to mankind, Under the flagship 'Dharan Hospital' since 2007. Dharan Hospital is one of the household healthcare name of Salem District and Western Districts of Tamil Nadu state in India.

Dharan Educational Charitable Trust (DECT) core activities will be revolving around 'Education' and 'Charity', which synonym in its title name. Because, DECT strongly believe that, quality education with technical expertise will eradicate the economic inequality, so that the next generation mankind will sound professional and stronger to compete rest of the world.

In terms of 'Educational' activity, Dharan Educational Charitable Trust (DECT) has thoroughly analyzed the present younger generations pass-out ratio with the industrial demands in health care industry and decides to step in Health Care related paramedical courses, which can be supported with hands on, on-field training and experience on various specialties under flagship banner Dharan Hospital.

In terms of 'Charitable' activity, on the goodwill of renowned health care service provider in Salem, Dharan Educational Charitable Trust (DECT) has decided to do its core charity work in term of medical services to non affordables through, thorough analysis by a pool of BSE (Bureau of Social Experts) Team. This team will analyze the ground reality of the unaffordable parameters and recommend to Board of Life Trustees. Board of Life Trustees will decide on the medical requirements then and there, which will be consolidated in the Trust meetings and the same will be endorsed. The endorsement will be forwarded to BME (Bureau of Medical Experts) Team, who are noted medical professionals in the Industry for treatment at subsidiary rates supported by Dharan Educational Charitable Trust (DECT).

For further details, please feel free to contact coo@dharanhospital.com / 95850-69990.

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