Antenatal and Postnatal

At Dharan Womens Care Hospital, we aim to help mothers-to-be have an enjoyable pregnancy and memorable birthing experience and to support you from the moment you discover you’re pregnant: giving you all the information and advice you need to choose your preferred delivery method, giving you choice and control over your birth plan and offering you post-natal support to equip you with the skills and confidence to step back into day-to-day life. We want parents to feel respected, supported and empowered at all times.

We offer a range of services to support you throughout your pregnancy journey including:

Antenatal and Postnatal Classes

Our bespoke antenatal classes aim to help couples have a positive birthing experience. We offer a wide range of classes, including C-section preparation and tips on caring for your baby. We also provide exercise classes to help maintain general fitness and prepare your body for childbirth. Both one-to-one and group sessions are available.

Breastfeeding Advice

Whilst the benefits of breastfeeding have been widely praised in recent years, we recognize that breastfeeding is an individual choice and may not always come naturally.

Dharan Womens Care hospital nurses offer breastfeeding support during your postnatal stay. This includes advice on breastfeeding your baby, practical help and tips to help you through the most common breastfeeding challenges.

Integrated Therapies

We offers a wide range of therapies to support expectant mothers. Designed to complement your medical care and fitness regime, these treatments are available throughout your pregnancy and in the postnatal period.