Urology is the divsion of Medicine, that deals with surgical and medical diseases of urinary tract system of botht the gender, and the male reproductive organs.

Department of Urology in Dharan Hospital headed by Dr. E.ARAVINDAN who is one of the renowned and experienced Urologist in India for two decades, who is supported by dedicated medical team and experienced surgical team 24 X 7.

Dharan’s Urology department Facilities:

Flexible Ureteroscopy – Olyumpus P6 & Karlstorz Flex X2

Paediatric Ureterorenoscope 4.5Fr Richard Wolf

Quanta Advanced 30Watt Laser for Stone Surgeries


C-ARM for all Endoscopic Surgeries.


Dharan’s Urology department Services:

Laser Ureteroscopy – Semi Rigid and Flexible.

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PNCL)

TURP Transurethral Resection of the Prostate.

TURBT (Bladder Tumour Resections)

All Open Surgeries for Urological Malignancies.

Reconstructive Urology – Hypospadias Urethroplasties.

Paediatric Urology.

Andrology Male Sexual Dysfunction and Infertility.

For further details, please contact Hospital @ 0427-27099 / 228159


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