Fertility Centre

Dharan’s Department of Infertility, is functioning in the name and style of “Dharan Womens Care - Fertility Centre”.  Dharan Womens Care is incepted in Salem as one of its “Centre of Excellence” unit under the flagship Dharan Hospital.  It covers all fertility procedures and surgeries supported by exclusive and dedicated team of infertility team under the supervision and guidance of its Clinical director Dr. Pramya Nanjundan.

In the recent past, the name Dharan Womens Care – Fertility Centre, might be new in the fertility treatment world, but the team has fertility experts and stalwarts who has been in this infertility treatment world for decades. Dharan Womens Care deals primarily with couple hormonal issues including their genetic disorder and health hazards, which restrict them to have a family

Men and women can have a fertility problem. In about 20% of infertile couples, both partners have fertility problems, and in about 15% of couples, no cause is found after all tests have been done. This is called unexplained infertility. In Dharan Womens Care, we carefully address these kinds of unexplained infertility issues, with exclusive solution modules like Souragate Support Program (SSP) and Sperm Donation Program (SDP).

Cause Factors for Men:

Prostate Gland infections, Erectile Issues, Low sperm count, Low sperm motility, abnormal sperm formation, Sperm Ducts Blockage and Temporary Drop in sperm production, Testicles injury due to hot weather, contact to chemicals and side effects due to drug consumption.

Also, Lifestyle Habits, like poor food intake, unhealthy food habits followed by Alcohol drink and consumption of smoke results low sperm count. Ageing factor like men at 40 and above will have low sperm fertility. All the above will be addressed by Andrology consultant with care in Dharan, who is part of the Infertility Team. 

Cause Factors for Women:

Non Ovulation (No Eggs release from Ovary), it is called polycystic ovary syndrome.

Fallopian tube problem.(The tubes that carry eggs from ovary to the Uterus). Infertility, due to overweight or underweight.

Endometriosis, tubes blockage due to infectious scar tissue. Smoking and Alcohol consumption will lead to fertility problems for women as well. Cervical Mucus can damage sperm or slow their floating progress. Age factor for women infertility is 30 - 35 and getting pregnant after 45 - 50 is rare.

So, for all infertility issues please call us at 91592-19990

Dharan’s Infertility facilities are

IVF Lab, Andrology Lab, Genetic Services, Fetal Medicine, High Risk Pregnancy, Painless Labour, Physiotherapy, Pregnancy Sessions, Antenatal Services, Fitness Session, Diet Consultation, General Counselling and Psychological Counselling supported by Private, Deluxe and Suite Rooms.  

Dharan’s Infertility Services are

Fertility, Gynaecology, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Reproductive Medicine, Andrology, Semen Analytical Diagnosis, Embryo Cryo Preservation, Gyne Endoscopy, Paediatrics, Neonatal Treatments, Anaesthesiology, Infertility Lab Investigations and Medications.

To Contact Dharan Womens Care - Fertility Centre. Please call us at 91592-19990

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